Say Yeah, Nah

Say Yeah, Nah

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The new ‘Say Yeah, Nah’ campaign for the Health Promotion Agency shows New Zealanders it’s okay to say ‘yeah’ to a good time and ‘nah’ to needing alcohol to have it.  A 60-second TVC is the corner piece of the campaign, playing on our love of a good bromance and iconic Kiwi vernacular.

“We wanted to show a part of the Kiwi drinking culture that doesn’t get much attention, peer pressure,” says DraftFCB executive creative director Regan Grafton.

“We’ve all had moments with friends where there’s a pressure to drink in order to have fun. This gives people a [phrase] to use without offending their friends.”

Strategy and Action think the ad is clever for using a popular expression to relate to their audience. What do you think? Yeah or Nah?


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