Improve Your Sales, Measurably


Your company is a system for generating leads, converting them, servicing them and profiting from them. And it’s a natural extension of what we do in marketing to help you in personal selling to either get more prospects or convert more.


In brief, read more on these…

1/ Sales Improvement
2/ Sales Training
3/ Management Training


We work on all three Mandatory parts of a successful sales program – skills, management and process.



We provide workshop and in-field sales training to both sales managers and sales staff. We help you translate generic skills to the particular product or service you’re selling. We also offer ‘four-legged’ training, or hand-held interactions with live prospects to help an individual improve his or her front-line skills in real and live transactions and projects.



Sales management can be a difficult task to get right. Sales staff need both supportive and corrective counselling and often it’s simply the most experienced or senior sales person who inherits this management position. Yet the skills needed are not just sales skills. So we provide training and systems that help you as a sales manager get more from your team. We teach and we show you ways of increasing accountability, increasing ownership, improving reporting and improving results.



Sales systems and processes need a structure that makes it clear what the targets, expectations, methods, activity levels and reporting means are. Yet most companies don’t have these enshrined in a valid and working sales system for managing people and what they do.


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