About Us

Over the last 13 years, we’ve become very well known for 4 principles –


1. We develop a real ‘Breakthrough Strategy’ for you
We developed a process for this that has been so effective we’ve presented on it. It’s helped grow companies as much as 329% in 18 months.

2. We roll up sleeves and chase measurable results with you
We run Action In Progress programs that make the whole marketing-to-sales process work, with accountability, actions that chart in-the-bank sales progress.

2. We teach you what we know
We’re the only company we know who, right up front, intend to gradually develop and divest to you the systems and tools we’ve developed with you and for you.

4. No surprises
We always estimate activity ahead. There are no hidden ‘black boxes’ behind which we hide an absence of work.


Since 2001, we’ve helped companies in scores of industries to improve their results. Our principal and Managing Director, Stephen Johnson, has personally spearheaded some significant transformations of our clients and maintains an oversight on the strategic directions of our clients.

The creator of the USP Derivation concept, he’s written and presented on how to safely develop a breakthrough strategy, how to find hidden opportunities and assets within your company and how to find the ‘sweet spot’ where marketing, strategy and IT meet.

The company’s consultants have used a powerful combination of process, discipline and strategic nous to help guide our clients to very significant gains. They express a constant desire to learn and develop their abilities and have become some of Australia’s most respected advisors and speakers.

We work to programs that ALWAYS avoid surprises. Highly professional and adept, we simply do exactly what we say we will.


The company’s purpose:

To help as many companies in Australia as possible to Improve, Prosper and Employ… and in doing so to make a tangible contribution to the economy and the history of Australia.


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