Helping a Company a Day For Free – The Pay It Forward Initiative

Helping a Company a Day For Free – The Pay It Forward Initiative

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Our little company has a big purpose: to help as many companies as possible to improve, prosper and employ – and in doing so to make a tangible contribution to Australia.

It sounds good when you say it quickly, and we’ve helped big companies like Crimsafe, Henkel and Xstrata as well as lots of little ones you’ve never heard of.

But we’ve self-limited our purpose by working ‘normally’. In 15 years we’ve helped a little under 400 companies. That’s ok, but one by one is slow!

So we’re rolling out 5 new initiatives in 2015. Ways of helping not just the companies we directly work with but many more… including the companies those companies touch.

The first initiative is the Pay It Forward Initiative.

We’ll help one company a day, Monday to Friday, for a year, absolutely free. Nothing paid. Instead, what we want you to do is to pay it forward, to give a little of yourself to another company or two.

Let me explain how it works. And if this doesn’t fit you, please share for others to gain and pay it forward.

The focus is on those who employ, and to help them grow to employ more. The more people who are ‘employed’ in the plain English sense of the word – doing something meaningful – the better off we all are.

So get our advice for free. You can be next door or next state. Geography won’t stop us. But you must be in Australia and you must be an employer: of one or one thousand, it doesn’t matter.

Visit our website and look for the Pay It Forward Initiative down a little on the Home page. Fill out the form to give us your answers to the questions listed. It tells us about what you do, who you do it for and how you do it. About what your obstacles are and what some of your points of difference are.

Every day, we’ll select a company and provide guidance on strategies and tactics you’d ordinarily pay for… how to navigate a competitor, or what might make you stand out more, or what breakthrough strategy might work, or how to get around the obstacle you tell us about.

In return for what we give you, you agree to say a polite thank you and nominate on our Facebook or Twitter what you want to provide to another company to pay it forward. You might nominate a company, openly, or use your nomination to promote what you’re going to do so we can help you find a company.

If we serve one company every working day until Monday April 11th 2016, then if we’re lucky, and if you pay it forward, we might help as many companies in one year as we have in 15.

Be a part of it and help your company and another’s to improve, prosper and employ.

Stephen Johnson
Managing Director
Strategy and Action

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