How To Grow The Value Of Your Customers

How To Grow The Value Of Your Customers

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Customers are expensive to get but once you have a customer on board, they are your most valuable asset. Your task now is to ethically leverage them and nurture them to be worth more to you over time.


1/ Boost that sale… try up-selling, cross-selling, bundling different products and services together and other ways of making that one sale a larger sale.

2/ Get future sales… keep them in contact cycle and plot what products or services they might need in the future, and consider building loyalty schemes.

3/ Get future customers… solicit referrals from them and proactively reward and encourage word-of-mouth, social media mentions and other ways of causing them to introduce others.

4/ Turn them into marketing assets… capture testimonials, video clips and other re-usable assets from satisfied customers that can help you leverage that one success into many more.

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