How To Get A Great Testimonial

How To Get A Great Testimonial

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The trick is to write it yourself.  Not to invent it.  But to be the creator of the testimonial and not the collector.

Customers don’t have time to write them and can either say too little or too much.  So interviewing them and writing the testimonial yourself is a sure way to beat both those problems.  The customer saves time and you get the testimonial you really wanted.

Here’s how to do it –

First, pick the right customer…

  • Choose clients who you think have a great win, a good story to tell.
  • Make sure they’re a consumer of something you really want to promote.  No use lauding something you’re going to phase out.
  • If they’re a well-connected customer, then all the better.  That influence can help you even further.

Second, ask the right questions…

  1. Describe what it was like before you found us?  What was the problem and how did you experience it?
  2. What made you realise most that you had to solve this?
  3. What did you experience as a result of buying our product/ service?
  4. What specific aspect of it did you like most of all?
  5. What would be the two or three other benefits you valued?
  6. Would you recommend us?  Why?
  7. Any last comments?

Third, draft the testimonial in a short story format, one sentence at most per question.

And fourth, send the draft to your customer and ask for their reply to give you permission to publish it online and offline and of course ask them to make sure they’re happy with how you interpreted the interview.

Your testimonial will be punchy, crisp and ready to be used.

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