How To Get a Free Mini Marketing Hotseat

How To Get a Free Mini Marketing Hotseat

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We’re proud supporters of Autism Queensland.  And until November 30th, 2014, you can get a free Mini Marketing Hotseat Session with one of our senior consultants if you can donate a small sum to them, the amount being up to you.  There’s just one thing we ask in return…

We want your permission to turn the Hotseat dialogue into a transcript we can use to promote what we do – in a way that doesn’t identify you.

So the Hotseat will be run on Facebook or Twitter Messaging.  We’ll de-identify you (name, company and geography)  from the dialogue.  If necessary, we’ll also de-identify competitors or other names mentioned, if you feel they could remotely be used to identify you.

The resulting transcript will be made available to interested companies to see how our Hotseats work.

And we promise the Mini Marketing Hotseat will be free.

…Well kind of…

We’d like you to donate a sum of money to Autism Queensland.  That sum is up to you.  And you can disclose it or not as you see fit.

You can donate, here:

And to accept this offer, just mention @StrategyAction and@autism_qld in a tweet, or Like our Facebook page and post something telling us  you’d like to accept this offer.

We have no idea how many businesses may accept this offer …2?  …200?  So we’re reserving the right to cap it at the first 50.

Enjoy, share this with companies important to you…

And thank you in advance for supporting AQ.

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