6 Must Haves For a Marketing Plan

6 Must Haves For a Marketing Plan

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Marketing plans often gather dust.  Initially charting best intentions won’t cut it though, when it comes to actually growing your company faster. So develop a marketing plan that’s built for action.

There are 6 factors to look for in your next marketing plan…

1. Markets… it clearly identifies who you’re marketing to, what they’re already getting offered, what they still want, what your messages to them will be and how you’re going to get those messages to them

2. Assets… all the different ‘things’ that you need to build and acquire in order to engage in marketing: the new website, the re-developed brochure, the part-time sales representative etc.

3. Activities… all the different actions that your assets will be deployed in: search engine marketing, campaigns to resellers, publicity events, etc.

4. Sales and Marketing Schedule… a monthly breakdown of all the development of assets and the running of activities, including the sales objectives you expect each month: marketing must link to sales outcomes.

5. Ownership… the who and the when: who owns what tasks and projects, when are they meant to occur and how will you manage it.

6. Coffee Stains… in other words, it’s used.  Every month or every fortnight, you’re using it to chart directions and measure progress.

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