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We design and build great websites from simple WordPress sites less than $4,000 to proprietary custom-built sites worth $80,000.

But what makes them work better than others is that we integrate 4 agendas to get better results – design, function, lead-generation and lead-conversion.


Website SCCQ

Exactly the website you need

This is how we’ll do it…


1. We build the right brief – right from the start

We make sure your website won’t just look great but works to support your whole marketing intentions. So we design what is has to do on paper, understand what we want visitors to your website to do, and build the specifications around that.

2. We design and develop a website that work better.

Our developers are aware of latest technologies that may affect your indexing, and keep up to date with algorithm changes at Google or other search engines. We employ copy writers who can write for both search engines and humans.

3. We build responsively – saving you time and money.

If your new website design fails to carry a formatting style for mobile devices and tablets, then it could immediately lose quality to 25% or more of your visitors depending on industry. So we can design responsively where we can so that the website works across desktop, tablet and mobile.

4. We chase usability and we love challenges

We keep up to date with usability principles to ensure your website is working as well as it can to lead your visitors to where you them.

And see some of the many websites we’ve designed and developed in our Gallery.


Website ServCheck

Quality Coding

Our Web Developers are quick, inventive and want to program the best outcome for your project.

When you ask us to design and develop your website, we can adopt one of two different ways. These options help you get exactly the website outcome that fits best with your company’s needs.

1. Custom-Build in PHP

We’ll design and develop your website from scratch using our own website content management system. This option costs a little more, but it’s ideal for custom websites where you want exactly the navigation, look-and-feel, features and placements you desire and where you need your website to be as secure as possible.

2. Custom or Template Build in Open-Source WordPress

We’ll design and develop your website using modules, plug-ins, tools and templates that enable you to get a great website that’s very affordable. It is not as secure and not as flexible as our custom-built system, but if you need a better balance between value and flexibility, this could be the right choice for your next website.


Custom Built Websites

Your custom-built website will be exactly what you wanted –

Fast-loading, built on lean code
The more efficiently your website loads, the more likely your visitors will stay longer and make a purchase or place an enquiry. Most search engines use load speed as a ranking signal, so it’s imperative to develop a website that loads quickly.

Capable of short payback cycles
Your website is a salesperson working for you 24-hours a day. Websites we develop pay for themselves quickly and continue delivering returns.

Fantastic to look at
We use the latest web development software and coding techniques to ensure your website engages your clients and captures your prospects in most browsers.

Conversion Friendly
We can install features in your website to allow your prospects to make contact with you via text, voice or even video as soon as they’ve got a question. Tracking code is another must – you can discover how your clients use your site, and cast a more effective net!

All utilising a business-oriented Content Management System (CMS)
We have a CMS that lets you edit your website comfortably. It’s more intuitive and easier to manage than some others on the market… and it won’t suffer the same downtime that some simpler websites can suffer.

Developed by an Australian team
You will be dealing with a team that is readily available for phone discussions and tweaks to web development. We don’t sub-contract your project to undisclosed third parties.


WordPress Websites

The WordPress website we build for you will deliver great value

Affordable and Timely
Your new website will be great value and will not take long to be developed, tested and made live. If you need good value and a reliable but quick solution, this is the right option.

Faster payback
Your website can be returning leads very quickly. We can even help your website attract new leads by using search engine marketing.

Developed by an Australian team
You will be dealing with a team that is readily available for phone discussions and tweaks to web development. We don’t sub-contract your project to undisclosed third parties.

While your WordPress website won’t be as flexible as our custom-built website it can still achieve the features most companies want from an affordable website.


Get Started Today

We can take a brief from you today and have an estimate to you within 24 hours.  Contact us today or call 1300 774 993.


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