AdWords (SEM)

Google AdWords (SEM)


A well-run ‘pay-per-click’ campaign can produce the lowest cost-per-lead of any promotional device, and earn huge revenues.

And optimising your search results and utilising other online marketing avenues can help your get a lot more potential customers visiting your website.


How Google Adwords Works, And How We Make It Work For You

Visit Google and enter a search term describing your product or service then hit “Enter”. You’ll see natural search results but also sponsored links from your competitors who have arranged to show their ads for that search term.

They only pay when there’s a click on their ad.

It looks easy, but there’s a science behind organising the search terms used, the Ads you show, the locations you allow the ads to appear in, the bids you make for a click, and the web pages you direct people to. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can waste a lot of money.

Strategy and Action’s Google Qualified team set-up, test and then monitor and improve your campaign’s return on investment. This helps your Google Adwords campaign achieve the right lead-generation and the lowest cost-per-click.


“Our AdWords campaign by Strategy and Action has shown itself to be the best advertising we’ve ever used, with the lowest price per lead, and lowest price per new client… I’m glad that Strategy and Action have been there to help us maintain cost control and target our advertising properly. It would have been very easy to blow through a lot of money very quickly.”
Joe Burke, General Manager
KNM Services


“It’s fair to say I’m skeptical about the promises of new technology, and Google AdWords was no different. But I can honestly say we’re getting an excellent return on the AdWords campaign that Strategy and Action are running for us. Our ads dominate the competition and consistently appear high on the list.  We know that they’ve played a part in attracting many new customers, as we ask each person where they found us and most have been to our website. Strategy and Action offer good, constructive feedback and are quick to respond to queries. I’m confident enough in their abilities that I’ve just added a second domain to their control: Classic Carpet Cleaning. I recommend their services to all businesses.”
Maureen Ginifer
Owner: Master Carpet Cleaners and Classic Carpet Cleaning


“Strategy and Action were responsible for the creation of our new website, and have been managing a Google AdWords campaign for us for several months. Without giving away the details, I can say it has been a highly successful campaign, worth every cent paid, and the new website they developed has worked very well at converting the qualified visitors from the AdWords programme into quote requests. I’m looking forward to a continuing increase in my return on investment as Strategy and Action monitor and refine both the website and our AdWords campaign.”
Carl Roetger, Managing Director
Uni-span Pty Ltd


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