Sales Training

Sales Training


Learn how to thrive in sales in the real world.

Our sales skills training is a great combination of proven material and customised problem-solving that helps your sales team become much more effective. Each stage is also guaranteed in its own way… so it’s results-focused and accountable.


What Works and What Doesn’t

The fact is that online and classroom sales training does not provide the skills you need, adequately, to thrive in the real world of sales.

That’s not to say that there is no role played by good theory, cases and examples.

But these need to be implemented in the real world, so practical workshop-based training, and real learning of behaviours are critical to measurable sales effectiveness.

Our sales trainers have shown that the best and most immediate results are yielded when training and coaching is done with your product in the field with real clients. And when these efforts are supported by the delivery of skills and models.

So the nature of our sales training is not generic and plain, but tailored and practical.

We include ‘4 legged sales calls’ where our trainer accompanies you or your team members on sales phone calls or sales visits, and conducts post-call side by side management.

Here is where the theory and models we deliver are translated into skills and experiences your team members can utilise to achieve real and measurable differences.

And, importantly, this is where fears are overcome.

Habits can be explained and understood and begun to be adopted, when we combine teaching with experience.

Issues that arise, the obstacles that occur with virtually every sales event, become learning opportunities.

Reactive tendencies naturally migrate and evolve (mature) into proactive management.

Ongoing mentoring and non threatening advice (coming from outside the organisation) is viewed with far more acceptance by any sales team as they know the only agenda being driven is development.


To learn more about our philosophy, models and approaches, and to gain an understanding of potential timelines and costing for sales training for your company, contact us today.

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