Management Training

Learn How To Get More From Your Sales Team


Most sales management that fails to get the most from a sales team does so because of one or more of these three factors:


1/ The sales manager didn’t adequately set clear expectations, and instead allowed the sales team to set their own
2/ The sales manager didn’t adequately measure activity and results, and instead allowed the sales team to report in their own manner
3/ The sales manager didn’t adequately respond to under-performance, and instead allowed the sales team to find their own way around obstacles


And yet all three of these are easy to rectify with some simple but critical skills and experiences.

The sales management training we provide is a combination of equipping you with background understanding of some core concepts, drafting with you some tools that are customised for your company and helping you to introduce these tools and apply them.

The outcome is a better control of sales process and results, but also better supported sales staff.


The process we follow is this:

– Interview and profiling to determine your natural pre-dispositions
– Reviewing metrics, managerial and performance literature and any processes your company uses
– Meeting your team
– Participating in any recurring sales management events
– Deriving a Training Priorities Agenda
– Light training: Sales Management Basics
– Report Mapping
– Process Mapping
– Position Mapping
– Re-Orientation of the Sales Manager
– Re-Orientation of the Sales Team
– Introduction of Reports and Processes
– Participation in a new sales management event


The outcome is that you and your team are equipped with the tools, and the reasoning behind them, that enable you to get more form your existing team. …Great and sustainable sales performance comes from great sales management, not superstars.


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