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Strategic and Tactical Private Workshops


Strategy and Action offer 3 of the most powerful private workshops available in Australia, a $199 Marketing Hotseat, a One Day Marketing Plan and a half-day or full-day Strategic and Tactical Hotseats.


$199 Marketing Hotseats

Our popular Marketing Hotseat is a one-on-one workshop. It compresses a lot of value into a bite-sized 90-minute package.

There are 3 parts to it –

  1. 1. You fill out a questionnaire that tells us a little about your business
  2. 2. Then we interview you in the Hotseat session and develop the ideas for you to grow you faster or address the issue you want
  3. 3. And then we’ll send you a summary of the ideas

We’ve run these Hotseats at events since we began 15 years ago, and they’ve never failed to help a business jump an obstacle, find a hidden asset or build a strategy.

Plus, if you post a favourable comment about your Hotseat with us on our Facebook page, we gift you another full hour of consulting!

To book a $199 Marketing Hotseat session, contact us today or call 1300 774 993.


Strategic and Tactical Hotseats

A Strategic and Tactical Hotseat is a unique one-on-one consulting event. It compresses a lot of value into a bite-sized package.

It centres on a ‘hotseat’ session of 3 or 6 hours in which we ask many questions and in return provide advice, practical promotional or management ideas, and other meaningful, immediately usable contributions.

Some of the topics best addressed by a Strategic and Tactical Hotseat include…

• Unique Selling Propositions – how to position your business more competitively
• Headlines and offers – ideas to strengthen the offers in your ads, letters, web pages and more
• Marketing campaigns – combinations of who to target, with what offer, using what media
• Retail marketing
• Exhibition and trade show ideas – ways to make your booth, participation and overall investment more effective
• Website content ideas – ways to improve content, increase dialogue, capture names and impress visitors
• Customer service enhancements – how to stand out from your competitors and turn ‘oh yuck’ experiences into ‘wow’ experiences

Virtually any problem or opportunity in sales, marketing and advertising can be addressed by our hotseats.

Before your hotseat session comes a questionnaire from us to you. Your answers and some informative background material help us get the most out of the two hours we spend with you in the hotseat session.

We also send you a package of booklets on some of the core sales, marketing and advertising issues we have found clients can need guidance in. These booklets provide a good general background on marketing principles and help you get more out of the hotseat session.

After the hotseat session you will receive a summary report of the session. You should read this again at some point because it helps you generate more ideas and recall some of the material we developed with you.

Strategic and Tactical Hotseats have helped generate ideas for companies in many different industries, large businesses and small businesses.

They are not merely an inexpensive way to gain advice and make 6 hours behave like 60 hours. They are a way to gain high-value input on all kinds of marketing decisions you may face, where the input of a knowledgeable marketing consultant could mean the difference between success and failure.

A half day Hotseat costs $1,000+GST and a full day Hotseat is $2,000+GST.  We’ll need just a little time the next day to generate the report for you, but this does not require your participation.

To book a Hotseat session, contact us today or call 1300 774 993.


One Day Marketing Plan

At the core of any good marketing is a marketing plan that drives what happens and when.

In our Breakthrough program, your marketing plan can take as much as 120 hours or more to create, using all the insights we’ve gathered from market and competitor research.  It’s a powerful program.  But not all companies can afford to invest that time into their new business or a new business-unit.

That’s why our 1-day Marketing Plan Workshop can be a great idea.  It’s perfect for startups or for companies looking to gain some structure to their marketing without significant outlay. To Make a Booking, click here.

Here’s what you get on the day



We will ask you to prepare a short paragraph on the following points relative to your company. They will help your consultant get up to speed and compare his or her impressions of your business with your own. They will also help you start to formulate your thoughts about your business in a structured way.

• Product – Please provide an overview of your range of products or services
• Price – Please provide an overview of your current pricing strategy. Do or will you offer discounts? Do you bundle items together? Do you run sales? What regular price-based promotions do you plan to have?
• Place – Please provide an overview of how customers do or will access your products and services. Do you distribute to them from one central location? Do they visit you? Are your products or services distributed through a network of licensees/franchisees?
• Promotion – (If you’re already in business) Please list all of your marketing / advertising activity over the last 12 months and allocate either 1, 2 or 3 against each activity (1 – Excellent result / 2 Moderate result / 3 Poor result)
• Performance – (If you’re already in business) Please gather your last 12 months’ worth of sales results, month by month.

We also analyse your company by working through your strengths / weaknesses / opportunities / threats

For your info, strengths and weaknesses are internal to your company / opportunities and threats are external to your company. To make best use of time, we will ask you to put some thought into these headings prior to the day so we may discuss together. We won’t just talk about them on the day – we will place activities into your marketing plan that will maximise the value of your strengths, actively counter your weaknesses, minimise the risk of threats and take advantage of every opportunity.



In this section we will be analysing your top 5 competitors.  Prior to the workshop we will ask you to prepare a list of your top 5 competitors along with their website addresses. Further, we will ask you to prepare a quick review of these competitors and list what you believe are their perceived strengths and perceived weaknesses. We will analyse the perceptions to see if we can find a gap to exploit. This exercise will get you flexing your marketing muscles and help us to quickly get up to speed on where your company is positioned relative to competitors.



In this section we will be analysing what influences your customers to purchase products or services such as yours.  Prior to our workshop, please make phone contact with your top 10 most profitable customers and ask these 5 questions;

1. What customer “need” does your products / services solve? You might be surprised at the difference between what you think your product does in a functional sense and what they tell you in the way of an outcome that it provides
2. What do they like most about your products / services?
3. What do they like least about your products / services?
4. What could you improve about your product / services to exceed their expectations?
5. If a business such as yours was not typically known to them, where would they typically search for information on your types of products or services?

Please record notes from each conversation so that we can go over the results in this section.



We draw the work-to-date together and plot the ideal strategic options for you to capture a market need, utilise your strengths and navigate competitors.


Marketing Action Plan

This is where each of the preceding sections comes together and we create a Marketing Action Plan that plots major customer-getting, customer-keeping and customer-leveraging strategies and tactics we might have developed for you.

We’ll need part of the next day to turn this into a report for you… so in some ways the one-day plan is a day-and-a-half plan… but your time is not needed for that report-gerneration.  And once you have that report you will be ready to implement your plan.

In Brisbane, the One Day Marketing Plan costs just $2,495 plus gst.  Melbourne and Sydney marketing workshops are available at the same price, plus travel costs and accommodation if required.  We can hold the workshop in your office or ours.

We need only a few days of notice to arrange the day and give you time to carry out the background tasks. You could have a marketing plan by this time next week!


Contact us today or call 1300 774 993.

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