Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Program


We build a digital program from scratch and help you get 5 critical aspects right… Strategy, Assets, Activities, Content & Leverage.  The program we build starts at the strategy and then plugs in only the digital aspects that you need.

It can include these:

  • Search engine marketing (SEM) like Google Adwords
  • Natural or organic search results through search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Website design, navigation, conversion and functionality
  • Social media
  • Email and database marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Online display advertising; and
  • Website analytics

But more than just these individual parts, your digital marketing will be cohesive and focused properly, because it’ll be geared for a powerful underlying strategy.

We build your digital marketing strategy from the ground up…


Objectives and Opportunities

We develop with you an understanding of the opportunities for you in digital marketing. Then we help build specific and chronological digital marketing objectives. These can be denominated in terms of visitation, engagement, conversion and revenues.



Then we build the digital marketing strategy that will pursue these objectives. In that plan is the array of assets we need to generate with you and the activities that revolve around them. They’re costed and the projected or desired returns are recorded. We all measure the program against this.



We then implement the digital marketing strategy with you… we build the assets, establish the activities and run them. We report monthly on the progress.  If we’re already running a broader marketing program with you, with Work In Progress meetings, then this will become a natural part of what we report on and discuss.


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