Weekly Action In Progress

Action In Progress


This is probably the most effective boots-and-all program for growth in Australian marketing. It combines the best of Strategic and Tactical support to work with you, sleeves up, to grow your company faster.

From just $500 a week, you get the most valuable role you could ask for: Strategy Consultant, Marketing Manager and Sales Manager. A person explicitly tasked to work with you to develop a breakthrough strategy, to help you implement it, and then not only grow the leads and opportunities your company gains but also to help boost converted sales.

In other words, Action In Progress chases bankable sales from Month One and to keep those gains going.

And you’re never locked in…

Take it a month at a time, knowing that for any reason you can pause Action In Progress, add to it or end it as you see fit.

Action In Progress comes in 3 versions. You can choose according to how rapidly you want to grow your company and how your cashflow permits you to engage us.

And don’t worry – you can change these levels of engagement as often as you wish, as your needs and your means evolve.



The core Action In Progress program gives you a consistent pace. We work in 3 streams of activity: strategic, tactical and contact-time. A program of works sees us make progress in both strategic and tactical, with regular contact being how we work together with you on advancing them.

So for example…

In Month One, we learn about you do, conduct an audit to help us identify opportunities and assets that we can get working harder for you, and we meet your team members.  We map and plan improvements to your sales process, your pipeline, your core lead-generation activities.

In Month Two, we’re conducting a strategic SWOT analysis but we’re also exploring all your lead-conversion tools, attending or running our first sales and marketing meeting and beginning to put your competitors into a matrix so we can identify their weaknesses

By Month Seven, we’re completing your marketing plan but we’ve also been making tactical gains since Month One.

At $1000+gst a week, this sees the core of your growth program on course, from the get-go. It’s regular, consistent and extremely valuable.


AIP Start Up

In this program, we run a half-speed AIP for very small start ups.  Immediately of practical value, it seeks to get you started, get some basic intelligence on your market and competitors, help you identify hidden assets and help you maximise sales conversions.

At $500+gst per week, this is perfect for micro and small companies that need regular support to grow faster but are not ready to sustain the AIP.


AIP Breakthrough

In AIP Breakthrough, we’re implementing a Breakthrough program at the end of Month Three, directly working with you to implement tactical gains.

The AIP Breakthrough program targets many more aspects of the company for improvement, and also contributes a great deal in the way of content generation, metrics measurement and marketing management.

But perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of AIP Breakthrough is that we’re essentially ON CALL to discuss strategic and tactical issues, obstacles, ideas, staffing issues, supplier issues and fulfilment issues as they arise.  To a degree, the clock is turned off, and we become a valued marketing manager and advisor.  ‘Coaching’ is a term that has been prostituted, so we won’t use it.

At $2,000+gst per week, this sees a complete program of strategy, tactics and direct on-call access. It fuses three roles into one and is remarkable value.


Custom AIP

You can create with us your own AIP, custom built to your own company and your own needs.  From 2.5 hours a week or greater, we can safely build with you a combination of Strategy and Action agenda items needed to grow your company faster.


Get Started

Get started by meeting with us and allow us both to learn a little about each other. A primary meeting usually lasts for about 90 minutes. In that meeting, you’ll get a solid idea of our approach and our people.

Contact us today or call 1300 774 993.

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