Branding & Logos

Powerful Branding and Logos


If you thought getting a good branding was expensive, try getting bad branding.  Bad logos and stock logos (where you don’t know who else is using it) can cost you a lot in your market place.

We use proper branding processes to build your branding, and it’ll show.


4 Reasons We should develop your Logo

1/ Custom Designs – no templates

2/ 3 Day Turnaround from first briefing to round one of concepts.  Your new logo could be edited and complete within 10 days providing feedback turnaround is quick…
3/ Fixed Cost to Your Satisfaction
4/ FREE Style Sheet to keep your logo consistent, no matter which package you choose


What is a Stylesheet?

You are likely to need to brand things from signage, embroidery or even a car wrap. Our style sheet shows others how your logo is to be used – so you can have peace of mind that a simple thing like colour is not incorrectly translated.

We often suggest a minimum space around the design, so it never gets obscured. And we give you the colour values in CMYK. Some printers ask for PMS colours if running specialty inks – we can provide these matches for you also.

It’s included free of charge.


Contact us today, or call 1300 774 993 to see what we can develop for you!

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