Government $20k Grants

Get a $20k Business Growth Grant


Now you can get access to a Department of Industry “Business Growth” grant of up to $20,000.  We’ve helped companies gain and use ‘dollar-for-dollar’ co-funding grants from the government where for every dollar they invested, the government invested one with them.

It meant our works were effectively half-price.

Please note that the old Enterprise Connect program was replaced on September 1st, 2014, so programs and companies discussing it are not up to date.

The new information is best sourced directly from the government, itself, right here… and the eligibility information can be sourced here.

If you haven’t had a Business Evaluation by a government Business Advisor, we can recommend it.  We’ve worked with several of their team over several years and the review that they produce can shed a lot of light.


100% Success Rate in Approvals

But with an astonishing 100% success rate, we’ve never had a client’s application for a Business Growth grant declined.

This is because we structure our business grant funded program to achieve what the Business Evaluation highlighted and our methodology and accountability in our marketing programs are unique.


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To learn more about how Strategy and Action can help you access a Business Growth grant, contact us today or call 1300 774 993.

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