TV & Radio Advertising

TV & Radio Advertising


Television and radio campaigns follow very similar principles to a direct marketing campaign.

But there are 4 key differences…


1. TV and radio are generally less effective at achieving a direct response but more effective at achieving brand recognition or a simple message across a large audience.

For this reason, if brand recognition or conveying a simple message is important in the marketing strategy, then TV and radio can be effective media.

2. TV and Radio lend themselves more to demonstrative examples or entertaining approaches to selling your product or service.

3. In TV or radio, you generally have far less time in which to convey your key messages, so repetition and simplicity are critical to an effective TV or radio advertisement.

4. It can be much harder to meaningfully measure the effectiveness of these media.


We’ve found that with Multimedia, you have a hybrid across these media options

Multimedia is a lot more effective at inviting and enabling a direct response and it can contain more educational substance, but entertainment and demonstration are just as important as TV or radio commercials.


TV Commercial for Crimsafe by Strategy and Action

The Crimsafe TVCs by Strategy and Action helped Crimsafe grow their sales 30% month on month.

You can see the TV Ads here.


Marketing Discipline Applied To Media

We apply the same discipline to all these media as we do toward other marketing needs you might have…

1. Research helps tell us what the market wants, analysis of your business tells us your own strengths and hidden assets, and a powerful offer helps leverage the effectiveness of the TV or radio or multimedia.

2. A brief helps guide our creative execution, so that the work is focused on very real marketing and sales objectives.

3. And we execute and coordinate all the aspects of the creation, booking and running of your TV, radio or multimedia campaign.


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