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Creative Management


David Patullo

David has a Bachelor Of Business (Marketing & International Business) and Google Accreditation.  He gives oversight to the assets and activities of our digital marketing.

David looks after the web team and their projects and has many years experience working for a variety of small and large clients. He has over 10 years experience with Google Adwords advertising and organic search (seo) marketing. He also has advanced experience in social media strategies and content strategies.

David is practical, efficient and commercially-minded.  He won’t talk tech but talk plain English and talk in terms of business outcomes..

Among his areas of work and oversight are: SEO/SEM, Digital Strategies, Social Media, Conversion Optimisation, Navigation Design, Usability Optimisation, PPC Development, Project Management, Online Branding, Blog Development and Management, Content Development Strategy and more.


Fatima Hassan Graphic Designer with Strategy and Action
Fatima Hassan

Fatima Hassan is our lead graphic designer. She loves seeing design translate well into a physical medium. So whether it’s business cards, stickers, catalogues or screen prints, she is adept. Unlike some, she also has printing experience and knows the presses and the production of signage.

As background, Fatima was born in Zimbabwe and moved to Cape Town, South Africa. After Cambridge A levels, she studied Graphic Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She graduated in 2008, moved to Australia, and got busy freelancing. Very busy. When we found her, she was addicted to the work and fitting more into a day than some do in two.

Fatima enjoys seeing something made that the client loves. When she’s not designing, she enjoys charity work and keeping fit.

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