marketing consulting

Marketing Consulting


We’re your plug-in marketing department or your specialist team –

Strategy and Action are well known as being both strategic and action-ready. We can be a full plug-in marketing department or we can be a specialist team to solve a specific problem.


Plug us in…

We have everything in-house to act like a full marketing department. That includes research, strategy, management, creative work, campaign implementation, measurement and evaluation.

You need this if you’re either setting up a business or looking to grow past the natural ceiling you’ve hit.


…Or deploy us quickly

We can provide a results’focused consulting or creative service that solves problems or takes advantage of opportunities.

We’ve served Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors and C-suite executives to answer specific marketing questions, produce a marketing asset quickly or help make a crucial decision.


Services include -

Marketing Program
Digital Marketing
Enterprise Connect $20k Grants
Company-Customer Alignment with Bob Ansett
Market Research
Competitor Research
SWOT Analysis
Unique Selling Proposition
Marketing Plan
Marketing Audit
1-Day Marketing Plan Workshop
Marketing Hotseat
Marketing Coaching
Direct Marketing
Print Advertising
TV & Radio Advertising
Out Of Home Advertising

Whatever your industry and whatever the particular problems that you would like to resolve is, we can interpret your needs and recommend the best way forward, then roll up our sleeves and begin.

All we ask is for all marketing decision-makers to be present in our first meeting, so that every opinion on the issues to address can be heard.

Call or email us today to make a start.

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